We’re holding our first ever OPEN AUDITIONS!


Have you ever wanted to be a part of of Montana’s longest running live radio theatre? Don’t Close Your Eyes: Live Radio Theatre is holding open auditions on Thursday, May 21st at 7pm at the Verge Theater. We are looking for potential actors, sound effect performers, and musical accompanists for our upcoming fifth season, and beyond.

Actors must be able to perform a number of characters/voices, read well from the page, and be comfortable working in a fast-paced production environment. Sound effect performers will similarly be required to follow along with the story, trigger/create analog sound effects on cue, be fast learners, and work well at a quick production pace. Musicians will be tasked with composing and live performing themes and short transitions based around the play’s styling — all instruments welcome!

We are not casting for specific roles or shows, but are looking for people to possibly enhance our creative team of actors and SFX performers. Actors and SFX techs would be on a per-show basis, with a very quick turnaround time. Scripts for each week’s shows are generally received on Sunday night with a readthrough the following evening. Performers have two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) to study the part/prepare sound effects. There is a dress rehearsal on Thursday and live performances Friday and Saturday. The summer series will run seven shows over eight weeks, June 5th-July 25th (taking off 4th of July weekend)! No preparation required for audition, scripts and SFX will be provided. Musicians please bring instruments and a sample of your work.

No preparation required for audition, scripts and SFX will be provided. Musicians please bring instruments and a sample of your work.

The Verge Theater is located on North 7th Avenue, across the street from Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply.

RSVP at this link –> DCYE Audition event

Mystery and Western double-header THIS weekend at Live from the Divide

We are back in the recording studios of Live from the Divide this weekend, Friday and Saturday, April 24th and 25th,  for a live radio double-header of the Sherlockian mystery “Strade & Holmes: Holmes to Rent” and the Adventure/Comedy/Western “True Adventures of the Old West“.

Sarah, Keith, Shayna, Christian, Sadie and Ryan in "Rocket Red" - Nina Tucciarelli photo
Sarah, Keith, Shayna, Christian, Sadie and Ryan in “Rocket Red” – Nina Tucciarelli photo

Bring the whole family to be part of the live studio audience as we continue to record our first radio airplay “best of” season with Grammy Award winning producer Doc Wiley! You get two shows for one low price,  plus free snack, drinks,  and Bridger Brewing beer in the lobby. Tickets are available at Cactus Records in downtown bozeman, or online at the link below.


New Studio Recording Series at Live From the Divide!

We  are very please,  and more than a little excited,  to announce the Don’t Close Your Eyes’s new spring series of  shows at Bozeman’s  Live from the Divide Studios!


Reaching into our archive of  plays from the past four years, we will be staging live recordings of some of our best loved shows at the professional sound environs of the Live From The Divide Studios in collaboration with Grammy-award winning producer, Doc Wiley!

One weekend a month for the next three month we will be recording two full, hour-long,  episode each evening in front of a live studio audience,  with our usual full cast and live,  analog,  sound effects.

The upcoming series includes the boxing underdog tale: “The Hard-Luck Kid” and the spookily suspenseful “Dr. Jekyll and the Archaeopteryx Cure” on Friday and Saturday March 6th & 7th.

April 24th and 25th will feature two episodes of the exciting mystery series Strade & Holmes: “Holmes for Rent” and Holmes in the Country” 

On May 15th & 16th we will conclude the run with “Elmerworld” and “Bilgewater Downs,” two  favorites from “everyone’s favorite old-time dreamers,” Elmer and Verne,  and their hilarious hijinks in the small rural mountain town of Rocky Start, NC!

Shows begin at 7pm.  Free drinks and snacks provided for each show in the lobby

Come be a part of our first series of professionally recorded, live, radio plays!

Tickets are available at the link below.




Don’t “Claus” Your Eyes Holiday Benefit Show 2014

Photo Courtesy The Big Event Photography, Tim Stiller
Photo Courtesy The Big Event Photography, Tim Stiller

“Don’t ‘Claus’ Your Eyes: Live Radio Theater”  is back for its 3rd annual Holiday Cancer Benefit show: 8pm, Sat., Dec. 13 at Live from the Divide!

Keith and Ryan are churning out another spectacular holiday themed double feature with your favorite DCYE characters, voice actors and sound effects.

Tickets for the one-night show are at Cactus Records,  or purchase them online by clicking the icon below.  All profits from the evening will benefit Lucy’s Light, supporting childhood cancer research.

Live from the Divide is located at 627 East Peach Street in Bozeman.


E-L-M-R at the Sweet Pea Festival, August 2 at Noon!

What a magnificent season it has been!  We’ve loved playing for so many sold-out and nearly sold-out crowds this summer — everyone has worked to their fullest to make this our best season yet!  We’re pretty knackered, but not so much so that we won’t be staging an encore performance of everyone’s favorite old-time dreamers at Bozeman’s long-standing Sweet Pea Festival!
Once more into the breach, Sweet Verne!We’ll be performing at NOON on Saturday at the Cypress Stage, which is just to the east of the entrance and the art booths!  If you missed this year’s installment of Elmer & Verne, this is your golden opportunity to experience (or re-experience if you saw the show) the fun of Elmer & Verne starting their own radio station, complete with mules, an angry pianist, product placement, lightning, and Martian invaders from the Moon!

The Road to the Big T.O.P.! – July 25 + 26, 2014

Keith and Ryan put their heads together to co-write and co-star in  this laugh-packed Season Finale!  In “The Road to the Big T.O.P.,” Keith and Ryan receive an unexpected inheritance in the form of the Ma and Pa Circus!  Together with Christian the Silent Clown they have to resurrect the show that once was and win the big Tournament of Performers or lose their circus to Malefactora Califf, the evil proprietress of every other circus from Poughkeepsie to Walla Walla!  Along they way they’ll recruit the Funambulist Family of acrobats; Ed and Edna, the half-man/half-lady; Sphyrynx, the strong man; and more!  It’s sure to be a show filled with hilarity, mayhem, and more fourth-wall breaking than  Carrie Nation and her hatchet!  Join us as we close out the season in high style!

8pm Friday, July 25

8pm Saturday, July 26

Elmer & Verne in “E-L-M-R” – July 18 + 19, 2014


The penultimate show of the 2014 DCYE Live Radio Theatre season features everyone’s favorite old time dreamers Elmer and Vern in “E-L-M-R,” written and directed by Ryan Cassavaugh. In this episode, Elmer and Verne decide to start their own radio station in the attic of the Ityl Dew Hotel. Things soon get out of hand when they accidentally start an alien panic in the little town of Rocky Start!

8pm Friday, July 18

8pm Saturday, July 19

The Devil and Daniel English – July 11 + 12, 2014


Financial “genius” Daniel English lost every last dime in the Great Crash of ‘29.  Now he’s got no option to get back on top of the world and his mother’s good graces other than by betting his soul against the Devil in a series of contests.  But Daniel has a sure-fire scheme: leverage his soul among the other deities of the underworld to become more powerful than Satan himself (after all, they can’t share an Eternity)!  What could possibly go wrong?  

8pm Friday, July 11

8pm Saturday, July 12


Nuns Vs. Nazis!

In 1939, the treasures of the Louvre Museum in Paris were evacuated and moved about the French countryside to avoid destruction and plunder at the hands of the Nazis.  St. Barbara’s Abbey was a silent order of isolation and contemplation — until the dark and stormy night that Rose Villard showed up at their door with a gunshot wound and a crate containing the Mona Lisa.   Soon the Sisters find themselves heaven-bent on helping Rose and her precious charge.  After all, how would they EVER get it back if it fell into the wrong hands?  Join the Don’t Close Your Eyes Theatre of the Air as they present a pious heist just barely based on historical events!

Tickets are available at the links below!  Don’t forget:  if you are a season pass holder, just use the promo code “RADIO” at check out to reserve your seats at no charge!

Friday, June 27th

Saturday, June 28th

Mystico the Magnificent Mentalist and the Scourge of the Swamp Demon: June 20 + 21, 2014


Don’t Close Your Eyes is excited to present the thrilling, action packed return of Mystico, the Magnificent Mentalist. Using his magical amulet, former circus performer Garvman Goodrick travels the country as Mystico, the Magnificent Mentalist  fighting crime  and injustice with the help of his circus pals Athena, the strongest woman in the world, and Doc, the diminutive acrobat. In this week’s adventure Mystico and Doc battle a deranged scientist deep in the Louisiana swampland in an adventures we call “The Scourge of the Swamp Demon.”

Get your tickets at the links below. Remember, if you are a season pass holder, just use the promo code “RADIO” at check out to reserve your seats.

Friday, June 20th

Saturday, June 21st

Opening Weekend! Rocket Red and the Space Simians! June 13-14, 2014!


Everyone’s favorite galactic heroine is back — along with her plucky pal, Andromeda, and their magnificent computerized chum, Bleepy!  Together they will face the return of a villain from their past, a horde of green-colored apes, one unruly pacifist, and the usual peril in “Rocket Red and the Space Simians!”  

Dr. Fang has once again reared her evil brain — she’s building herself an army of apes (long since extinct and rebuilt using DNA from fur coats and frogs — like you do) to take over the Central Order!  Rocket Red also has to deal with a pesky pacifist who wants to stop her from being violent at any given turn!  It’s high flying adventure with ten guaranteed Bob Dylan lyric references!

Help kick our season off by buying a multi-use Flexi-Pass good for $90 worth of admissions for only $50!  Individual tickets are also available on our ticket link above, in-person at Cactus Records, or at the door (but buying in advance is the only way to reserve a seat)!  We’ll see you Friday and Saturday, June 13 and 14 at the Verge Theater!

2014 Rocket Red
Illustration by and copyright 2014 Bryan Kelly!  Check out his awesome site HERE!

Proudly Announcing our FOURTH Season!


Get ready for another summer of thrills, chills, and high adventure as The Verge Theater proudly presents the return of Don’t Close Your Eyes: Live Radio Theatre!

One of these could be yours today!  On sale exclusively at Cactus Records in Bozeman!
One of these could be yours today! On sale exclusively at Cactus Records in Bozeman!

To preserve the excitement, demands, challenges, and accompanying burst of creative energy that come with the format of a weekly radio broadcast—each week writers Keith Suta and Ryan Cassavaugh alternate scripting a brand-new, one-hour program, always in a different genre—everything from adventure, comedy, suspense, sci-fi, western, and more!

Each installment is presented for one weekend only by the talented and multi-voiced cast of DCYE actors and live sound effects performers! The next week the process begins again!

The run begins June 13-14 and continues seven weekends through July 25-26!  All showtimes are 8pm.

Tickets and new, money-saving multipasses are available at Cactus Records in Bozeman, and online at cactusrecords.net/verge/

As of summer 2014, Verge Theater can no longer take reservations via phone: To make a reservation, buy tickets online or in person at Cactus Records. (We thank Cactus wholeheartedly for being our ticket vendor these past four years without charging you or us a service fee—they are darn great folks at a darn great store!)

Don’t “Claus” Your Eyes – Holiday Cancer Benefit – Dec. 14, 2013

Don’t Close Your Eyes: Live Radio Theatre presents its second annual “Don’t Claus Your Eyes”  holiday fundraiser Saturday, December 14th at 8pm at Peach Street Studios.

Enjoy an evening of great family entertainment while helping to defeat cancer! The evening will include two all-new original holiday-themed radio plays presented in the style of old-time radio with live actors and analog sound effects! 100% of proceeds from this special event will go directly to the Bozeman Deaconess Cancer Center.

This one-night only extravaganza starts at 8pm with the the thrilling Yule time mystery Strade & Holmes “Holmes for Christmas,” followed by the hilarious hillbilly antics of Elmer & Verne in “Rumer’s Christmas Carol” performed live by our DCYE cast and special guests!

Tickets for this benefit event are available for $20 at Cactus Records downtown, or on-line ($21) at cactusrecords.net.

March Fourth on September Thirteenth!

We are mis-billed, but that’s just the magic of rock ‘n roll posters, kids!

We are delighted and pleased to be opening on September 13th for the March Fourth Marching Band at the Pine Creek Lodge in Livingston!  March Fourth is a collection of dozens of musicians, acrobats, and wonderful oddities who make incredible, fun, danceable music as a VERY big band!

Keeping with the light, festival tone, we will be presenting two brand-new, shorter adventures: Keith has penned (or rather, word-processed) a very silly tale of adventure with “Gert Thistlebeard: Mountain Man of the Rockies” and Ryan has penned (literally — with a quill and blood from a stone) the long-awaited return of “Mystico the Magnificent Mentalist!”

Tickets are available at CactusRecords.net or at the door!  As always, this is an all-ages show and the entertainment will be glorious fun for the entire family!  See you there!


Awesome promotion all season by Marla Goodman! Thank you ever so much!

Your Obedient Servant Keith here:  We don’t know how it is for you — but the end of each season always sneaks up on us!  Fortunately, after two other seasons, we knew this one, too, would end — so we were ready for it!  After our Christmas fundraiser last year, Ryan and I realized we’d written two episodes of Elmer & Verne and Rocket Red, respectively, that year!

So when it came to start this 2013 season, we found that we weren’t quite ready to revisit the characters, beloved though they are with our audience.  Then we hit upon the idea of trading and writing in each others’ universes — which is quite energizing and a little daunting!  But daunting and energizing are two of the core adjectives we work with all summer long at Don’t Close Your Eyes!  Ryan and I are both extremely excited to see how you like our treatments of each others’ creations!

And what better way to celebrate the end of another hugely successful season of all-new, old-time radio plays than with a double feature?  We’re pleased to present two brand new comic entertainments for you — with a real honest-to-goodness Intermission in between!  Join us at 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday, July 26 and 27th, to tear the roof off!  (Then, stick around afterwards to help us put the roof back.  We’re not made of roofs here.)  We’re hoping to sell out this closing night, so make sure to get your reservations early!  Thank you all so very much for your support!

Just Glue Some Gears On It…

The year is 1899 and American inventress Divinia von Presterton has finally gained entrance to Lord Tiberius Q. Braithwaite’s formerly all-male society of London inventors, but finds herself undervalued and unappreciated. Meanwhile, a mysterious, ticking assassin stalks Paris, killing only men named Pierre! The world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, needs Divinia’s help to track down who is behind the murders — little knowing they will uncover a much larger plot involving Thomas Edison, a mysterious mesmerist, radioactive giants, death rays, and a woman bent on total world domination! Steam-driven adventure, mystery and humor combine to form a gallimaufry set in a Jules Verne world-gone-askew, sure to thrill all audiences!

Your Obedient Servant Keith here:  Just look at that cast list.  Carefully.  You should click the picture and admire Marla Goodman‘s awesome design! How could you pass up those folks playing those roles?  I’ve closed out every year with an adventure set in an alternate 1899; filled with giant metal monsters, airships, villainous robber barons, class warfare, obscure trivia, historical accuracy (and inaccuracy), and more sound effects than any other show of the run!  Why?  Because it’s my last chance to pull out all the stops and we are ready to flood the theatre with awesomeness!  You don’t have to have seen any of the previous years’ shows to enjoy this episode — it is not a sequel, but a new adventure with some of the same characters I invented.  While there are plenty of jokes for folks who HAVE seen the previous episodes, I’ve crafted this one stand on its own.  Shine up you goggles, strap on your flasks of tea, and stoke the bellows — we’re going to have so much fun together this weekend!

Jewel Caper Gone Awry!

DCYE-Promo-July-12THIS WEEK (July 12-13, 2013 8p at Verge Theater) in “Linus Graham and the Great Pumpkin Jewel Heist,” Ryan Cassavaugh pulls out all the madcap stops in a comic heist that’s part Robin Hood, part A.J. Raffles, and part P.G. Wodehouse.

In this fast-paced farce that’s fun for the whole family, Linus Graham is a gentleman thief who, with the help of his loyal valet Codswallop, “liberates excesses from those who can afford the loss.” However, when Graham becomes bored with pinching pearls from the necks of socialites and dowagers, he decides to go after the biggest and most difficult haul of his career: A jeweled tiara belonging to the wife of short tempered cattle baron Maximilian Wyatt! But when plans go awry, Linus and Codswallop resort to stealing the only thing more valuable to Wyatt than his money, jewels, or even his wife: his potentially prize winning pumpkin “The Jewel of the Montana.”

Popularity of our hilarious and exciting live radio shows grows throughout each summer, and seats are filling up! Buy tickets in advance online, visit Cactus Records in downtown Bozeman, or call Verge Theater for reservations at 587-0737 to be sure you don’t miss out on the third big season of Montana’s longest running live radio theatre!



It’s Pronounced: “Jeke-ull”

1016055_549672058426997_939636691_nThe famed scientist Doctor Jekyll knows more about the human brain than anyone alive.  And he’s made a serum that proves it!  One drink and your basest nature, your alter-ego (or more to the point: alter-id), comes to the fore.  As if he didn’t have enough to deal with in his main opponent in eyesresearch:  Dr. Fanklin Nigel Stein; now the Hughley Institute is overrun with pandemonium as the famed Detective Baines chases the murderous Mr. Hide, and ace reporter Vera Vauxhall is hot on the trail of a burglar going only by the name: “The Archaeopteryx!”  It’s raucous dark humor as Don’t Close Your Eyes tries to unravel just who is who in this caper of alternate identities!

Keith here:  I really feel that I’ve outdone myself with this week’s adventure.  Inspired by Ryan’s “Dark Hallway” sub-series of suspense stories, I wanted to tell a story with a darker edge.  Of course, it still ended up with the usual amount of fun and jokes in it!  (It’s unavoidable, really.)  It’s an high-concept adventure that follows comfortably in the footsteps of Betsy MacGuyver: Nazi Puncher and the Steampunk episodes I’m so fond of!  I hasten to remind you this episode is still family appropriate — more like a funny detective show and definitely not a gory procedural, with oddly little relation to a particular public-domain Victorian horror tale by Robert Louis Stevenson, apart from a mysterious potion and some names that sound disturbingly similar…

I’m so pleased to be working again with some of my very oldest and very newest friends to bring this story to life for you!  I can’t wait to see and hear how it turns out — can YOU?  Join us at The Verge Theater at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, July 5th and 6th!  And watch carefully when you buy a drink from the concession stand!  Muah, ha, ha!!!

True Adventures of the Old West!

DCYEpromoJune28Friday and Saturday, June 28-29 8pm

For this week’s DCYE Live Radio performance, Ryan Cassavaugh has penned a comedy of the old West. (Actually, he used a keyboard, but his is missing the back space and the shift key, so this could be interesting.)

When two snake oil salesmen are mistaken for heroes, they have to figure out a way to save themselves, and possibly the town of Wildflower, from the Bloody Barton Gang — while dodging Pinkerton men and amorous widows!

You’ll get to hear some classic Old West sound effects performed live by Marya Cline and Wren Goodman: A train leaving the station! Clip-cloppy horse hooves! Bridge collapse! Explosions! Splash! And that all-time Wild West favorite… butter-licking!

This week’s show features DCYE regulars Keith Suta and Ryan Lawrence Flynn as Bert and Charlie, Sadie Cassavuagh as Sheriff Sommers, Ryan Cassvaugh as hard-hearted Black Bailey, Christian McDaniel as the entire town of Wildflower, and introducing Jade and Katy Lowder as Reggie and Maude.

Get your tickets online to reserve a seat, or call Verge Theater at 587-0737. Tickets for available seating are also sold at the door.